How to test your dialogic card

March 22, 2010

To show you real time stats for PRI for read alarm, slips, etc.. Dialogic has a utility called "isdiag"

open a command prompt window
for Windows:
# cd C:\Program Files\Dialogic\BIN

for Linux:
# cd /usr/dialogic/bin

Run command to display
# isdiag 1 1 t s

the "1 1" means show me status for first T1 and channel 1.

At first glance it will show you if your B and D channel are in sync. It also allows you to create a log for low level monitoring.

For more information do a Google on "Dialogic isdiag"

End of my Magellan Stint?

November 20, 2007

Ok. Is it? This got me thinking.

whoami here?

I am currently the IT Manager for the company (or am i?). Been here since 17 October 2005, more than 2years. Is that enough time to call it quits? Have i seen all possible scenario in the Call Center Tech scene?

I started as the Systems Administrator (System or Systems?) with the initial task of studying the Touchstar Predictive Dialer System. Actually, it is the blended (inbound and outbound capable) solution that we have. I was the understudy of their current Admin.

What have I done here?

Touchstar Dialer System. VPN. Squid. SQL 2000. Windows 2003 Active Directory. DNS Servers. Linux firewalls and gateways. Excel-based reports. Everything you can imagine!

This has been bugging me for some time now. Tasks have been repetitive. I reinvented myself twice already just to lose thisĀ  thought. I have been successful twice. Would i still be successful for the third time? Sigh.

Postal Code Fixer

January 24, 2007

You might encounter problems with US Postal Codes when entered into Excel. The standard format is 5 digits XXXXX. Being such, there areas that starts with Zero, 0XXXX. The same goes with the additional 4 digits, XXXX-NNNN. NNNN could take in Zero as the first digit, 0NNN.

This issue could lead to a Postal Code of only four digits and the extension with only three digits.



=IF(Len(J2)=4, “0”&IF(LEN(K2)=3,J2&”-0″&K2,J2&”-“&K2), IF(LEN(K2)=3,J2&”-0″&K2,J2&”-“&K2))

Then format the column as text.

Excel Phone Number Cleaner

January 24, 2007

Phone numbers from a list contains characters that are not standardized. There are unwanted characters like period, dashes or hyphens, parenthesis, braces, brackets, sapces, slashes, etc.

One of the things I do is to reprocess those columns using the Excel formulas below so that what I get is a clean 10-digit phone number.

Just copy and paste it to a blank column on your excel sheet then change the given cell to your actual cell.

=Substitute(substitute(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(H2, “-“, “”), “(“, “”), “)”,””), ” “, “”), “*”, “”), “+”, “”), “=”, “”), “/”, “”)

=Substitute(substitute(Substitute(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(K2,”.”,””), “`”, “”), “_”, “”),”{“,””), “}”, “”)