How to test your dialogic card

March 22, 2010

To show you real time stats for PRI for read alarm, slips, etc.. Dialogic has a utility called "isdiag"

open a command prompt window
for Windows:
# cd C:\Program Files\Dialogic\BIN

for Linux:
# cd /usr/dialogic/bin

Run command to display
# isdiag 1 1 t s

the "1 1" means show me status for first T1 and channel 1.

At first glance it will show you if your B and D channel are in sync. It also allows you to create a log for low level monitoring.

For more information do a Google on "Dialogic isdiag"

Welcome Back Mail

November 24, 2009

So I was on an Extended Vacation Leave for 2 weeks. Today’s my first day in the office. Surprise, surprise. I had the best welcome back email ever.

———- Start Mail ———-

I’m holding you now responsible for your team to deliver based on these guidelines. I would preferably need a summary report to justify their decision.

You should be the one to follow up and make sure they deliver.

I’m looking at full implementation on the operations floor by Friday this week.

I would like operations to use this system to improve performance.

———- End Mail ———-

There are some points I want to clarify.

  1. Does this mean my team was never my FULL responsibility?
  2. I was never a part of the research process, then in a day you want me to give you a summary report? Then to be implemented this Friday?
  3. Follow-up on them? Do you think I do not do that?
  4. Friday? Are you really willing to pay for the solution?
  5. Improve performance? Is this the only way to improve performance?

Sheesh. You really have NO people skills. You will NEVER EVER EVER change.

Proof of Identity

June 19, 2008

Yehey!!! May office ID na ulit ako. After so many months!

request for information

April 4, 2008

Hi <contact>.

As part of our ongoing expansion plans, and as part of our decision-making procedures regarding procurement of internet services from your company, we would like you to send us the best possible traceroute and pings available for us ASSUMING an E1 (2048kbps) dedicated leased line AND a DSL (with a CIR of at least 512kbps) connection from our expansion office at the <expansion office> building to the following IP addresses:

As part of our evaluation of our backup procedures and contingency plans, we need to know which possible backbones you could provide us over those assumed connections.

Another request is for information regarding which Telco or company will be servicing the last mile to the said location.

Hopefully you could provide all the information by Wednesday next week, April 9, 2008, Manila. Our company will be deciding by morning of April 12, 2008, Manila to facilitate the smooth coordination of all required services on our expansion office.

By the way, just to inform you, the target opening of our <expansion> office is on the 2nd or 3rd week of June. So hopefully your company will be servicing our required Internet services.

Thank you and hoping for an immediate reply.

Work excuse message

March 6, 2008

Got this from our supposed new guy here in the team. He was with us for two days…

“Hi. gud am. i may not be able 2 report 2 da opis bcoz of health prblems. im suffering frm throat infections nd low blood pressure (anemic). i knw da i can fulfil my duties nd respnsibilities in dis kind of cndition, thus, i have decided 2 withdraw my employment frm magellan-solutions. thank u nd sori 4 invonceniece it may cause u. i wish more success 2 da company”

That’s it. Word by word, text speak and typos in all.

Nice excuse huh? After that, he won’t answer our calls and text messages.