memory gap…

March 30, 2008

Nafeel mo na bang yung akala mo wala lang…
Friends lang kayo…
Tropa lang…

Tapos isang araw, kausap mo siya…
at habang nakatitig ka naisip mo na lang..

“Sino to?!”

Lagot! memory gap.

Same mistake twice…

March 24, 2008

Do not make the same mistake twice…




Marami pang kasalanan dyan. Try mo kaya yung iba… 😀

Group project kasi…

March 24, 2008

Ina: Bakit buntis ka?

Anak: Project po ito sa school tungkol sa miracle of life.

Ina: Sino ama niyan? Sabihin mo!

Anak: Nay, madami po eh. Group project kasi.


Alamat ng Banana-Q

March 24, 2008

Minsan nagtalo-talo ang mga saging kung sino ang pinakamasarap..

Latundan: short but sweet ako!

Lakatan: ako naman, long and sweeter!

Nalungkot si Saba kasi di siya kasing sweet at mataba pa siya kaya nagwalk-out siya.

Nakasalubong niya si Brown Sugar at ikinuwento niya ang nangyari.

Tumawa si Brown Sugar at sinabi:

“It does not matter how sweet you are. What matters is how you make others special… And I am special because of you.”

Nice… 😀

The Integral of Three X Squared

March 9, 2008

Two mathematicians, let’s call them Bert and Ernie, were in a café discussing the woeful state of mathematical ignorance amongst the general public. Bert excused himself to visit the restroom and Ernie beckoned over the waitress.

“Would you mind helping me with a small bet?” he asked. “When my friend returns I’m going to ask you a question, and I’d like you to reply ‘X cubed’. OK?”

The waitress looked mystified but agreed to do as requested. A few minutes later, Bert returned and the two men resumed their earlier conversation.

“It’s not all that bad,” said Ernie. “I bet you 10 pounds  that even this slack-jawed troll of a waitress can do basic calculus”.

“You’re on!” scoffed Bert.

So they beckoned the waitress over. Ernie gave her a surreptitious wink and said “I wonder if you could help my friend and I settle an argument – can you tell me the integral of three X squared?”

The waitress pondered for a moment and replied “Easy: X cubed”.

Ernie grinned smugly at Bert as the waitress walked away. And then, over her shoulder, she added: “Oh yes: plus a constant”.