Welcome Back Mail

November 24, 2009

So I was on an Extended Vacation Leave for 2 weeks. Today’s my first day in the office. Surprise, surprise. I had the best welcome back email ever.

———- Start Mail ———-

I’m holding you now responsible for your team to deliver based on these guidelines. I would preferably need a summary report to justify their decision.

You should be the one to follow up and make sure they deliver.

I’m looking at full implementation on the operations floor by Friday this week.

I would like operations to use this system to improve performance.

———- End Mail ———-

There are some points I want to clarify.

  1. Does this mean my team was never my FULL responsibility?
  2. I was never a part of the research process, then in a day you want me to give you a summary report? Then to be implemented this Friday?
  3. Follow-up on them? Do you think I do not do that?
  4. Friday? Are you really willing to pay for the solution?
  5. Improve performance? Is this the only way to improve performance?

Sheesh. You really have NO people skills. You will NEVER EVER EVER change.