Lady Independence

Hehehe. I fell in love with an independent woman. She does her stuff on her own. Sad thing is, she actually does not need me. But could she want me? Hmmm.. Good question.

In being so independent, I am having a hard time making her realize that I exist. You see, there are critical times (for me) that I simply vanish from her perception of the world. I do not exist anymore. Ignored. Plainly and simply ignored. Hahaha. Pag galit siya, she notices everything, but me. When looking around, she skips the view where I am in plain sight. Mag-iiba na lang ang direction ng tingin niya. Sa taxi, nakatingin na lang siya sa left side niya, staring out the window. Never will she look at me, ever, the entire trip.

Have we actually reached a point in this relationship (or whatever this is called) that she really wants me? That she loves me? Or that she even cares for me?

Hindi ko alam. Wala naman kasi siyang sinasabi… or tanga lang talaga ako not to notice it. Hihihi. šŸ˜€


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