Jumping Red Ants

it was the first time i saw them. well, at least, that’s how i would describe those creatures. they were like leeches. oval in shape, flat. crawlers. how do they jump? by inverting their body structure from being flat to being rounded at the bottom. then flicking their sides to the ground. yung parang laruan noong mga bata kami. yung free sa chichirya. yung pinipindot sa gitna. it’s a hollow semi spherical toy. basta…

ok. so ayun. i realized they existed… when they were biting me. one at a time. as in one at a time. parang alam nila when the first one was crushed. haha. crushed. siyempre, when they were biting me, i would run my hand over the area, flattening and crushing them. sakit kasi eh. pero wawa naman sila.

it kept on going and going and going. kahit na malayo na ako doon sa inital place of contact. huhuhu. aray. sakit ng mga kagat.

that was the point wherein i realized, it was a dream. i was dreaming all along. hahaha… i woke up even scratching my legs.

ayun. umiktad na tuloy ako sa pagkakahiga. kaya eto, nagbablog ako.


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