request for information

Hi <contact>.

As part of our ongoing expansion plans, and as part of our decision-making procedures regarding procurement of internet services from your company, we would like you to send us the best possible traceroute and pings available for us ASSUMING an E1 (2048kbps) dedicated leased line AND a DSL (with a CIR of at least 512kbps) connection from our expansion office at the <expansion office> building to the following IP addresses:

As part of our evaluation of our backup procedures and contingency plans, we need to know which possible backbones you could provide us over those assumed connections.

Another request is for information regarding which Telco or company will be servicing the last mile to the said location.

Hopefully you could provide all the information by Wednesday next week, April 9, 2008, Manila. Our company will be deciding by morning of April 12, 2008, Manila to facilitate the smooth coordination of all required services on our expansion office.

By the way, just to inform you, the target opening of our <expansion> office is on the 2nd or 3rd week of June. So hopefully your company will be servicing our required Internet services.

Thank you and hoping for an immediate reply.


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