Mistake… disappointment…

i told u i was going to christian’s house because i didnt want to keep anything from u.i expected u to understand why i wanted to do that because youre the only one who knew of our situation.then sasabihin mo kasalanan un?na twice ko ginawa?the only mistake i can see i did was that i told u because i thought u’d understand.u know that he was my bestfriend & that he needs me because of whats been going on.im not mad, im just so disappointed.after it all, i didnt really feel like telling you anything anymore.not even what i had for lunch,can u believe it?i know u deserve more than this but like i said before,its not something u have to live with.i think im ready to let go & not be selfish anymore.

do u think its easy for me to say something like that? and to you? theres a reason why i cant always bring myself to talk abt things like these.talking abt it just makes it more real and more necessary for me to go through.but it doesnt matter anymore.i dont want to go through these things anymore.im so tired of everything.

the reason why i was like that was because i wanted to tell you pero tulog ka ng tulog.fine pagod ka nun.but dexter, you’re lucky that i even told you at all or would we be better off if i didnt say anyhing?

all i know is that i cant do this anymore.you & i or whatever u call this thing. or at least not for the meantime. there’s too much things,people and demands going on, i cant handle it


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