Loose Ends

I guess matatagalan pa nga talaga. I mean, I think you have not yet decided on whether to move on or not. Perhaps you are still holding on to the time you shared with each other. Perhaps you are just waiting for something to change in him so that you would be together again. Yung hindi na siya ‘boring’. Na hindi na siya ‘comfortable’.

Your mom inviting him is ok. Kasi yun na yun eh. I guess it’s been like that for years. I guess part na nga siya ng family ninyo. But you inviting him because your mom told you so is something else. You could say no to that. But you did not. Why?

Sigh. I am not demanding anything. (Pwede na ba?) Sino ba naman ako? Kaya nga I must understand. Ang kulit ko kasi eh no. Tanong pa ng tanong. Alam ko namang masasaktan lang ako. Hahahaha. Argh.

I am still ‘Lost in Translation’.

Btw, mapanood nga iyon. Actually, I haven’t seen it. 🙂


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