A Miracle in my Life

There was a point in my life, a very low point, when I asked God for something. I prayed. I prayed very hard. Hard enough for Him to hear me. I asked for only one thing. Some money to buy myself a Bible.

For so many years I have never read one. Coming from a Catholic school, we were never told to read it. I did try reading one. It was hard-bound, huge, and bulky. With its cryptic sentences. It was the first and only time I tried. Bad.

It was at a point in my life that I have no job. I stopped schooling. I had no projects. Pure and simple tambay at home. After watching so many 700 Club stories with Peter Kairuz, I just tried what they were saying. Just pray, intently. Give thanks. Worship Him. Put everything for Him. And I did.

I prayed. Gave Him thanks, and praised Him. Asked for His blessing and asked for a way for me to read the Bible again. They even told that to read the Bible, better start with the New Testament first. And so I wanted that.

God gave me the miracle the next day. I received a call from a prospective client. Actually they were two, one was a neighbor and the other one was his friend.

So I fixed their computers. I was payed 800 pesos for the two jobs. Now I have some money. Thank God. I went to National Bookstore SM Manila. There it was, a pile of Bibles. Different version, different colors, different editions. One got my eye. It was an English-Filipino Bible and it was an easy read. It was just using plain old normal English and not cryptic Old English verses and sentences. It only has the New Testament and it was only 200 pesos!

Ang bait talaga ni God. I asked for some money, He made a way for me to earn it. I asked for some money just to buy a bible, he gave four times the amount! Fare and snacks money included! God is really good.


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