My Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake I made was assuming there is something between Baby Boink Boink and me. The dates, the movies, the things… I thought they mean something. For me they did, a lot. And that made me assume something. Something nice. Something wonderful. Something.

I guess today I got my answer. You see blog, ang kulit ko kasi eh. I gave her a call after dropping her off at her place. Bad move. Ayun tuloy, I got my answer. I asked her kasi if hindi ba natin aayusin ito? Sabi niya ‘Wala namang dapat ayusin’. Wala, as in wala. Ano ba ibig sabihin nun? Huhuhu. I really feel we are kilometers apart.

So there… see. Wala naman kasi talaga. Ako lang nagaassume. Ang kulit ko kasi. Masyado akong ambisyoso. Na akala ko kakayanin ko, na maging kami, na maging masaya ulit, na may makasama ulit.

Ang kulit ko kasi! Bad ka Dex. Bad ka,bad ka, bad ka. I hate you! Huhuhu. 😦


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