Funny Face

I do not like Funny Face when it comes to him dealing with relationships to women.

I have always thought of relationships as something special. Not to be toyed and played around.

He did that to at least two people, make it three people i know. He met number two in the office while he and number one were still together. I think number one was no longer our co-employee then. He again did the same thing to number two when he met number three. As far as I remember again, the relationship with number two was on the rocks, when he made a move with number three. Sigh.

Now, as of writing, there are issues with number three and a co-employee. Still something to do with Funny Face. Sigh.

Sad to say, I have a feeling Baby Boink Boink likes Funny face. Haha. I hope I am dead wrong.

Loser ko talaga!


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