Happy Christmas!!!

It was a happy Christmas in a way. I had the best surprise of my life. 🙂

Christmas eve is work night for me. I was in the office at around 10pm. I was to be all alone in the IT room from 3am-6~7am, until Wilfred arrives. When it was around 2:48am, Vic pointed towards the walkway out our door. And there she was. Walking towards our room. Carrying a white round object, her bag, and a plastic bag with some stuff in it. She was here. Inspiration was here.

Kaya pala.

Kaya pala she has been asking questions earlier that morning (24th). Questions like, may pasok ka nga mamaya? Sinong kasama mo sa IT mamaya? Anong oras ka walang kasama? Hanggang anong oras?

May plano pala siyang magpunta. Surprise pala niya sa akin yun. Sweetness. *sniff*.

The white round object was a sheep stuffed toy (her gift to me), in the plastic bag is a banana cake (sarap, daming nuts sa ibabaw).

Samalat Baby Boink Boink. Christmas would never be that much happy without you. You are the reason why I have a smile everyday. Wabyu. 🙂


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