Chrstmas Party and Taxi Cabs

Christmas and taxi cabs do not go together.

I hear people complain that it is really hard to get a taxi cab when you really need one, especially at the mall, when your legs are tired. And there are also drivers who complain, that they can’t seem to find the passengers they want. And there are drivers who just don’t care. They don’t take passengers, ask for additional payment, whiz by the queue, and even set their own prices. Darn.

Last Saturday was a story for me. I was taking Baby Boink Boink to the company’s Christmas party. So there I was, in a cab from my place to her place. I texted her that I was already near. To my surprise I got a reply that we should just meet in SM. She had to run some errands for her family. Huhuhu. That means I have to lose the cab, the comfort of already having the ride to the party. But it was Baby Boink Boink. Being with her is better than being in the cab and alone on my way to the party.

When we met, we have to pick the right place to get a cab. Question is do we really have a choice? We are in a mall. Lots of people. Where the ratio of taxi cabs is inversely proportional to the number of people. But I was with her. To wait is nothing.

It was more than an hour of waiting before lady luck shined upon us. A taxi pulled up and asked the first person in line where they were headed. The driver shook his head. That’s my chance! I shouted “Taft”. The driver asked “San sa Taft?” I replied “Padre Faura.” He nodded.

Yehey! Baby Boink Boink and me, on our way to the Christmas party!


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