My Saddest and Happiest Christmas

This Christmas would be the saddest and Happiest Christmas for me to date.

Saddest. I guess my earlier blog entries could summarize that.

Happiest. Kasi natuto ulit akong ngumiti, umibig at mabigo (yata).  Smile. Life still has a lot of surprises. She is something. I never thought I could get to know somebody like her. Sigh. If only we could be together. I guess, that’s wishful thinking now. Even the power of positive thinking did not help. Prayers, probably not that many people were praying for me. I could have told everything to my closest friends. But again, akala ko kasi kakayanin ko, kakayaning mabigo, lumuha, at muling mabaliw. Hahahaha. Hindi ko kaya… Nahihirapan ako. Hahaha.

Happy ako kasi nameet kita. Kahit paano, in my small geeky world, I was able to enjoy your company.

Mamimimiss ko hawakan yung kamay ng Baby ko, ikiss ang Baby ko, lalo na ng madami sa cheek niya. Ang baby fats niyang masarap kurutin, kasi ang cute cute. Sarap niya i-hug. Tapos nakakatuwa pag nikikiliti ko sya. Nakakatuwa yung reaction niya. Mamimiss kong amuyin ang buhok niya. Even after 9 hours of work, mabango pa rin kasi. Kahit siya eh. Ang bango bango niya pag inaamoy ko siya. Even my shirt, after being with her in a cab on our way to their place, smells like her. Hug ko kasi sya eh. Sarap din niya kumain. She’s not like some ladies who are pretty much controlled by their diet.

I guess that’ll be my gift this Christmas. The gift of being in love and being hurt. Now, I will again be sipping hot cocoa this Christmas. Masarap siya. Anyone for a cup? I could add mallows. 😀


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