Retired by 40

I was once asked in a job interview for my plans. I simply said to be retired by 40.

A few days ago, K told me that I must be the type of person who has a long term goal. I told her yes, an it is to be retired by 40.

Reading financial literacy books by Robert Kiyosaki and Francisco Colayco made me realize a lot of things. A few of them are one, it is really feasible, and two it requires a lot of discipline.

Back to retirement. I am now 28, meaning 12 more years to go. Will I be able to achieve that? Hopefully. And hopefully by then, I already have a wife (hoping it is K) and perhaps a few kids. I want to see my kids grow up, to be there during school affairs, their first steps, their first words, their first haircut, all of their firsts.

And of course, be with my wife. During monthly checkups, the ultrasounds, the delivery. The post marriage dates, weekend getaways, the holidays, reunions, family gatherings, parties.

I want to be a family man.

The only way i see myself doing all those things, is to be retired by 40, with my own business and some investments on the side.

God willing.


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