On Gift-giving

I dread the holidays. As in. I actually fear it. It is not the atmosphere or the loneliness (kasi single ako eh) but rather the spirit of gift-giving. Honestly, I don’t know how to give gifts. I have no idea what to give. No clues whatsoever. It has been like this since I could remember.

They say mugs, pens, planners, albums, and picture frames are a boo-boo. Darn, but i like those. Haha. I like things that I could remember for the rest of my life. A sentimental fool, I am. Hehe.

Back to gift-giving.

This year, I am hoping to change that. I would give gifts for Boss F, Manager L, Manager J. I actually know what to give them. Though, haven’t bought them yet. For the tech team, I am still thinking of something they would like. Something not computer-related (enough of that). This could probably be the last Christmas we would be together. >:)

Last Saturday, I was able to spot two long chocolate bars with a rose design. Long-stemmed roses. Hehehe. One was in the original yellow carton. It’s the original flavor I like. The second one was in the white packaging. I think it is white chocolate with nougat. That, I not so like personally. I bought it then will give it later to K. This time, will only give it to her. Nobody else. Hihi. 🙂


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