Ways to Hurt a Man

There are only two ways to hurt a man. One is through toothache and the other one is through his heart.

A toothache is very, very painful. I admit, this pain was the most extreme I have ever felt in my life, totally experiencing this while still in UP Diliman.  There was an ice cream eating contest we joined as part of Engineering week (every last school week of December, will be another topic). My partner then was Pete. The mechanics of the game was pretty simple, whoever finishes their ice cream first, wins. Plain and simple. Little did we know that it will not be  as easy as it seems. When the ice cream came, it was half a gallon. Repeat, half a gallon. Half a gallon of ridiculously flavored ice cream. Did i mention half a gallon? For the two of us. Darn. Ours was coffee. Others have halo-halo. Well, I only remembered halo-halo because it was pretty lady’s (GE Club member) assignment.

Being a toughie and all (heck, I am a big guy), we tried our best to gobble up the stuff one very cold spoonful a t a time. It was as solid as ice, very, very cold. Again, very, very cold. Halfway through, I can barely feel my tongue. We tried to quit many times but the ego persisted. We had to finish this. And we did. I ate almost 3/4 of it, Pete took the other 1/4. But we were only second.

We should have known what will happen next. After a few hours of eating a lot of the cold stuff, the effects came. Both of us have sore mouths. Napaso sa lamig.  Hahaha. Painful gums, tongue, teeth, and mouth. Ouch. I was in a very bad mood. I can’t take any jokes. Was not able to goof around our tambayan. We were in a lot of pain. AJ, also an orgmate, was trippin’. I told him I was in a very bad shape and was not in the mood for jokes and stuff. Luckily, he got he drift and stopped mocking me. He even offered an Alaxan tablet, just to ease the pain. Thank you! After 15 minutes, I was ok. Alaxan works not just for body pain Pacman (Manny Pacquiao)!

The second major cause of pain is the heart. Let’s face it. When men get hurt emotionally, everything stops. Misery, booze, these are signs of it. Physical pain can be solved, just like by using Alaxan. But emotional pain, ouch. Super duper, mega ouch! Some men tend to be violent,  naghahanap ng away. Kahit sinong makasalubong, parang makkipaglaban. Iiyak, magmamakaawa.  Hahaha. Babae, pagmamahal, bakit kasi ang lupit pag magmahal?

Argh! Btw, I am not violent. But I cry. *wink* 😀


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